Dear friends and visitors,

We welcome you in the web portal of Municipality   of  Elefsis.

The municipal authority, under a sense of collectivity, will try to fill in the big gap created upon the premature loss of Giorgos Ampatzoglou.

We will continue working under the rules of democracy and transparency, trying to change the visage of Municipality of Elefsina. We will be open in the criticism and will seek ways of communication all citizens.

Each small or big problem faced by each citizen separately or by the city will be of our particular concern. We have undertaken our responsibilities. We believe that once everybody helps, we will accomplish all of our aims.

The portal of Municipality gives the possibility to the visitors to be fully informed in time on the services, the activities and the work of our Municipality. Your opinion and/or observations on the operation the site or the Municipality are important to us in order to improve ourselves. 

Enjoy your tour!


George Tsoukalas